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    I fell and fractured my wrist last April. The ER x-rayed and stabilized my wrist, but I was sent to OSS for treatment.

    Reduction was recc'd first, as a less invasive treatment. When the reduction didn't hold, Dr. Raven recc'd surgery. I decided to have my carpal tunnel fixed at the same time - 'cause I love a good twofer! Anyway, a year later, my wrist is back to 100% - even better, actually, because the numbness, pain, and tingling from the CT is gone too. The CT scar is not visible if you're not looking for it, and the wrist repair is barely noticeable - and I tend to form keloids, so this is amazing!

    His PA, Omar, is super knowledgable and efficient, and the entire staff is kind and courteous. I always felt like I could ask questions. And their Occupational Therapists and techs are equally amazing.

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