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Revolutionizing health and wellness with our unique
ATR approach, SMaRT combines expert care and cutting-edge technology to help you achieve your best self.
  • Recovery Assesment Training
  • Rehabilitation Assesment Training
  • Restoration Assesment Training
Dr. Ray Raven

Dr. Ray Raven

Ryan S. Labovitch MD

Dr. Ryan Labovitch

Dr. John Kwon - Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Certified Specialist

Dr. John Kwon

GreSmart Health and Wellness - At Experience
  • Came with a comminuted (multiple pieces) clavicle fracture. This was a second opinion consult. Thankfully it was quickly apparent that I had a surgeon who be the answer.
    Kind, thorough in a non rushed manner, excellent in explaining injury as well as repair & options, and considerate of ancil...
    S D
  • Dr. Labovitch was very helpful in treating my shoulder tear. I would highly recommend him to other patients…. Thanks!
    S T
  • Amazing physician!! I recently had a recent fall while mountain biking the high sierra mountains and manage to fracture my leg, ankle, and wrist. Was a horrible day. After the ER I was referred to a ortho doc at Hoag Hospital which I went but the doctors were to busy flirting with the staff and talk...
    S R
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