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    Dr. Labovitch was more than professional in every way. Explained in detail by even bringing in a demo of the knee along side my x rays and explaining how things work and are connected. He gave me insight and support that I WILL regain full use of my knees again under his care. I felt fully supported and understood fully in depth my issues. Very kind,heartwarming And passionate. Office had many many beautiful photos hung of pro athletes in action under their elements of there sport that were all signed and were thanking him. His staff were some of the best I have seen all with smiles and very positive attitudes. It was a breath of fresh air. My only complaint was the young lady working the check in. Very rude on her phone. Ignored patients, like we were in her way. I did observe the rest of the office staff at work and they were all on top of it and busy doing the right thing with a smile. You can tell that Dr.Labovitch is not only an amazing doctor for his patients but great for his staff too. That’s says a lot.

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