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    Last year on September 29th, the night of my son’s wedding rehearsal dinner, I slipped on some wet grass. The fall resulted in multiple fractures to the right humerus and a right shoulder that was partially split, crushed and shattered. I had previously seen Dr. Warren Kramer for an unrelated issue but because of the severe trauma, I was referred to Dr. Labovitch. This doctor is the real deal!
    I’m a CEO and I have come to expect excellence from the people around me. Dr. Labovitch not only exceeds that expectation but he sets the gold standard in the medical profession. He is an excellent surgeon (proven by rebuilding a very challenging shoulder) and a caring physician. During the post-surgery weeks, it was not uncommon to receive telephone calls from him at the end of his work day to check on my status. His patient care is always sincere and unyielding. Simply stated, he cares about his patients!
    Yesterday was my final 1-year discharge visit. I have full range of motion and no negative effects from the injury. Dr. Labovitch made that happen. In hindsight, I can’t say that others would have been capable of meeting that goal.
    Along with the warm, fun and absolutely competent team at his office, I will miss having Dr. Labovitch as one of my regular physicians. I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of a highly skilled and extremely dedicated orthopaedic surgeon.
    If you want a personal recommendation, call me direct at 800.492.5186. I will be happy to share my full sentiments.

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