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    Came with a comminuted (multiple pieces) clavicle fracture. This was a second opinion consult. Thankfully it was quickly apparent that I had a surgeon who be the answer.
    Kind, thorough in a non rushed manner, excellent in explaining injury as well as repair & options, and considerate of ancillary staff.
    I was impressed that he is does not utilize a physician’s assistant (PA) for patient care with his patients or certainly not in my case. This allows him to know his patient in the preoperative days, obviously in the OR performing the repair and, more importantly to me, postoperatively. He witnessed the healing, progression of the range of motion and eventually the return to full activity. Means alot to someone anxious to get back in the pool/ocean to swim confidently.
    He was knowledgale in the current options availabe to repair my injury which was not evident in prior consultations from others.
    He also on 2 occasions returned my call in the post op period in a timely manner. Office runs efficiently.
    This physician delivers healthcare in the manner it should be. Excellent care while maintaining the dignity of the patient.
    Cycle safely Doc…..we need ya!!!!!

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