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Jason Raven

Jason Raven, a dedicated fitness professional and accomplished athlete, has built an illustrious career through a steadfast commitment to health, wellness, and the pursuit of athletic excellence. Graduating Cum Laude from California State University San Marcos, he majored in Human Development with a focus on Psychological Theories of Motivation and Fitness Program Design. This strong academic background forms the foundation of his tailored approach to fitness and wellness.

As an accomplished athlete, Jason has made significant strides in the professional rugby world. He represented the U.S. National Rugby Team as a player, proving his athletic prowess on an international stage. This experience not only underscores his dedication to fitness and sports but also gives him the unique perspective of understanding the specific needs of athletes at all levels.

Jason’s extensive career in the fitness industry has seen him assume key roles at reputable organizations like the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club and North County Rugby Club. As Head Coach, he implemented fitness and recovery programs, managed game preparation, and motivated players to achieve their fitness goals. His custom-designed fitness programs reflect the same rigorous training methodologies that he, as a professional athlete, adheres to.

Drawing from his wealth of experience and knowledge, Jason is uniquely positioned to help others on their fitness journeys. He offers sports-specific team and individual training programs, sports nutrition programs, and fitness methodologies for contact team sports. In addition to his physical fitness skills, Jason brings to the table a deep understanding of psychological motivation theories and experience in teaching various age groups. Whether you're an aspiring athlete or someone looking to improve your overall health, Jason Raven's expertise ensures a training experience that's tailored to your unique needs and goals.