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  • Grimes
    Dr Labovitch is one of the best, truly skilled, with a great bedside manner! Highly recommend. His office staff is great too, from reception to x-Ray tech to room nurse/scribe. He operated on one knee and is helping me with the other one now. Thank you!
  • Jerry
    When it comes to Dr. Labovitch, I always expect the best, and never disappointed! I live in Colorado, but he’s still the doctor I trust!
  • You
    Hello, I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Ryan. He is more than a great surgeon , he is a great human being. He would call me anytime that I asked him to including Friday, Saturday, Sunday, when I was freaking out about the post-recovery surgery. He even called me on his vacation. To say that...
  • S D
    Came with a comminuted (multiple pieces) clavicle fracture. This was a second opinion consult. Thankfully it was quickly apparent that I had a surgeon who be the answer.
    Kind, thorough in a non rushed manner, excellent in explaining injury as well as repair & options, and considerate of ancil...
  • S T
    Dr. Labovitch was very helpful in treating my shoulder tear. I would highly recommend him to other patients…. Thanks!
  • S R
    Amazing physician!! I recently had a recent fall while mountain biking the high sierra mountains and manage to fracture my leg, ankle, and wrist. Was a horrible day. After the ER I was referred to a ortho doc at Hoag Hospital which I went but the doctors were to busy flirting with the staff and talk...
  • J M
    Dr. Labovitch took the time to really explain in detail my diagnosis and treatment options in ways I could understand them. I really appreciated the fact he gave me options and did not rush me to surgery. There are not to many doctors that take the time he did. I really felt he cared and I was not j...
  • S T
    Last year on September 29th, the night of my son’s wedding rehearsal dinner, I slipped on some wet grass. The fall resulted in multiple fractures to the right humerus and a right shoulder that was partially split, crushed and shattered. I had previously seen Dr. Warren Kramer for an unrelated iss...
  • Lisa De Muesy
    Dr. Labovitch…..the best in his field.
    His up to date knowledge of the human body and injuries it sustains is something to consider.
    As a 57 year old former athlete and dancer, I’ve gone to him now for my knees and most currently my hip.
  • David Ball
    Have seen Dr Labovitch numerous times. A professional who listens and puts you and your health first. Excellent doctor, great staff and wait times minimal now the office is following covid guidelines. If you need to see someone make sure you at least talk to Dr La...

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