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  • Janice Hardy
    What a great surgeon! He’s a surgeon that is more interested in your health than just doing surgery. He won’t opt for surgery unless no other option. He’s very thorough too. He did my knee surgery on Monday and I was up walking into his office for my post o...
  • Irmagaard Rahwyler Waltz
    I was referred to Dr. Labovitch by my sister due to continued knee pain and inability to perform my love of dance and hiking. My first appointment with him was impressive. He was extremely detailed in talking about how the knee functions, and very thorough in go...
  • jennifer buckley
    Dr. Labovitch's staff greeted me with kindness and professionalism. I was seen quickly and had the best experience. Dr. Labovitch is brilliant. He has a fantastic rapport with his staff as well as with his patients. He made me feel comfortable and explained my dia...
  • Dallas M
    Dr. Labovitch took the time, which is unusual these days, to listen to me and answer my questions. He did not just regurgitate what I told him, he did his own analysis to determine the real problem. Then he spoke to me in a way that I could understand without trea...
  • Carolyn Grabiel
    I came to Dr. Labovitch for a second opinion after a prolonged period of injury. He took the time needed to understand my unusual injury. He listened carefully, asked the questions necessary to ensure understanding, and made a game plan that gave me confidence tha...
  • John C.
    Had a great experience and they were able to get me in a week early. Dr explained everything we were about to go thru and made feel super comfortable and confident that a solution will be found. Knowledgeable and helpful staff as well.
  • Cathy G.
    Dr. Labovitch is very intelligent and explains at length all about your injury. He is very patient and kind and knows how to get you back to health as quickly as possible. You feel very cared for by all staff members and I can honestly say it was an incredibly enjoy...
  • AgataCristi R.
    Dr Labovitch is fantastic. He listens to what my symptoms were and took his time to go over and carefully explain what was happening. His approach of therapy first not injections and I find this a refreshing approach.
  • Carolyn G.
    Dr. Labovitch listens carefully to what I am telling him about my injury. He always make sure to answer questions thoroughly and to check to see that I understand. His demeanor is direct while also patient and kind. He always is aware of who I am and what my injury ...
  • Motasem B.
    Labovitch is a great doctor. I've seen him for a shoulder and knee injury and both times he's shown great mastery while also maintaining a wonderful bedside manner. I've also had surgery with him which went as well as can be.

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