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  • S F
    Dr. Raven is awesome! I had a complicated injury where I tore the ligaments and tendons in my right middle finger. I need 2 surgeries to repair the damage, with therapy after both each surgeries. I am so grateful to Dr. Raven that I can use my finger and grip a knife, since I'm a Chef. He has a grea...
  • T N
    Dr. Raven took care of my on Feb 1st my blind poodle accidently bite me and i waited two days before going to ER at St Joseph's Hospital . He was there right away and took care of my hand but my effection was so bad that i had to have surgery... Dr. Raven came highly recommended so it happened on th...
  • M D
    Dr. Raven saved my finger after it was nearly decapitated from a dog bite. Not only is he an excellent surgeon who is continually educating himself and others in his field, he is a kind and patient person. No matter what questions I have I can e-mail him and he responds incredibly quickly. He's a co...
  • V W
    I don't have interactions with any of the doctors here (four in all) except for orthopedic surgeon Dr. Raymond Raven. Dr. Raven came highly recommended by my general physician when it was determined that my left hand was in need for ligament reattachment surgery. I was given Dr. Raven's name, addres...
  • B S
    Dr. Raven treaded me for De Quervain's tenosynovitis. He performed a tendon release surgery after cortisone shots were not effective. Dr. Raven is a kind, compassionate and to the point doctor! You always know that you are going to be well cared for by him and hi...
  • R B
    I enjoyed the brief time that spent with Dr. Raven. He explained the situation with my shoulders clearly and was overall very pleasant to interact with.
  • J Z
    Kind and courteous staff. Dr Raven pin pointed the problem within a minute, gave me a treatment plan and I'm back on the mend. Would recommend to anyone highly.
  • O S
    Dr. Raven is the best...Him and his team were very professional and courteous. Dr. Raven knows is knowledgeable and takes time to listen to his patients.
  • D B
    I fell and fractured my wrist last April. The ER x-rayed and stabilized my wrist, but I was sent to OSS for treatment.

    Reduction was recc'd first, as a less invasive treatment. When the reduction didn't hold, Dr. Raven recc'd surgery. I decided ...
  • K A
    I liked Dr Raven very much. I had a great reduction of pain from the first visit. My trigger finger has gone away!!
    I am a happy patient.

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