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Dr. Raymond Raven is a recognized board certified orthopaedic surgeon and Sports Medicine specialist; he uses the most up-to-date clinical skills, diagnostic tools, and treatment techniques to care for the hand, wrist, and its associated structures.

Non-Surgical Treatments

At SMaRT Health and Wellness, doctors always start with the most conservative approach (in other words, the least invasive to your body and lifestyle) to help you ease the pain and improve how you move.  Our doctors  begin with the most conservative established proven approaches (e.g., hand therapy ) and progress to more advanced approaches as clinically necessary.

Common Surgeries

Tendon Release Surgery in the Finger, Hand or Wrist

Dr. Raymond Raven performs trigger finger surgery in the surgery center. This surgery can be done so that you don’t need sedation (no general anesthesia) and it’s actually a quick event. So, if you and your doctor elect to have this surgery using local anesthesia, then you will be happy to know that the surgery itself doesn’t take a lot of time (specifically, you will be in the surgery center for 30 minutes; it takes the doctor less than 10 minutes to do the procedure). Another benefit is you can eat and drink before surgery and you don’t need to get your health checked by other doctors. Another perk is you can drive yourself home and the cost of the surgery will be less with local (regional) anesthesia.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome usually includes pain, numbness, tingling or a combination of the three. Patients may sometimes notice a weaker grip, occasional clumsiness, or tendy to drop things. Carpal tunnel surgery is a procedure that helps make room for the nerve. Pressure on the nerve is decreased by cutting the ligament. The doctor can perform this surgery in less than 30 minutes. General recovery varies patient to patient but in general recovery is 3 months. This surgery can also be done in the surgery center or office.

Repair a Fracture in the Finger, Hand or Wrist

Sometimes casting or bracing is not enough to fix a broken bone in the hand or wrist. Depending on the fracture, you might need a surgical repair so that your bones are aligned and are healed properly.

OSS orthopaedic doctors have many years of training working in large city hospitals that receive many emergencies like broken fingers, hands and wrists.

Removal (Excision) of a Cyst

Having a cyst on your hand, finger, or wrist may cause pain, discomfort, and limited movement. Oftentimes, surgical removal of the cyst is not necessary, but when a cyst becomes large and cannot be treated by other methods, surgical method can be considered.

Joint Replacement / Reconstruction / Fusion Surgery for the Finger, Hand, or Wrist

The main reason a joint need to be replaced is arthritis. Different types of arthritis can include osteoarthritis (wear from years of use), inflammatory arthritis or post traumatic arthritis (fracture, broken finger, hand, and wrist joint). OSS orthopaedic surgeons will replace it with an artificial joint called a prosthesis. The benefits of surgery include relief from pain, more movement, and improved use over time.

Common Problems

You may have one or more of these problems that is causing pain in your hand or wrist:

  • One or more of the bones becomes fractured, broken. A fractured bone is typically considered to be a sudden trauma.
  • Injury from a routine activity.
  • Arthritis that develops over time or from a previous injury in the hand or wrist

Complete Approach to Surgery

Smart + Safe

OSS offers up to date advancements in orthopaedic implants and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

The doctors perform the hand and wrist procedures in either the office, a surgery center, or in a hospital. In addition to your follow up care appointments in our office, OSS will monitor your recovery progress remotely through an application. The benefit is our medical team will make sure your recovery is on the expected path once you are home and we will be alerted if we need to adjust the recovery plan.

If general anesthesia is needed for your surgery, know that our doctors partner with physician anesthesiologists who are highly trained and work closely with OSS to give you the best and safest experience.

Office-Based Hand & Wrist Procedures

Did you know that some hand and wrist surgeries use only local (regional to the area) anesthesia, and these procedures can be done in our office? Moreover, these procedures do not require you to visit any medical doctors before your surgery for medical clearance. Includes:

  • Finger Fracture
  • Trigger Finger Release
  • Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Removal of a cyst in the hand or wrist